Heart Felt Poems and Songs Heart Felt Poems and Songs


Faith is a seed planted in the soul.
It grows with the infant as he older grows.
You see it in the faces of the ones it lives in.
The love that carries them, no matter where they’ve been.

It’s the Masters gift to guide you home.
The quiet spirit that abides so you’re never alone.
The quiet strength on the face of the man
As he walks through the valleys and across the dark land.

It’s the love shining through as she rocks the babe.
It’s the hand of Jesus on your heart gently laid.
A lowly mustard seed with no claim to fame.
The greatest gift given, that’s why He came.

Faith is its name and its spirit is true.
It’s staff is the light that burns just for you.
Faith is the seed planted in the soul.
It’s hidden, it lives, and it steadily grows.

Valentine Wish

A Man of flesh was here on earth,
He enjoyed His life from His Lowly Birth.
He loved his brothers and sisters with care.
He taught us of an unselfish love we could share.

He taught us to love each other
And lay down our life for our brothers
A warm heart with a ready smile
To see each of us He walked those miles.

For the many children that drew close to him
He opened his arms wide and drew them in.
He was warm and alive and a shelter from the cold
He was here in the flesh to touch and hug and hold.

A warm heart beat within His chest.
A child could climb up in His lap to rest
His laughter spread from soul to soul
A ready chuckle that never grew old.

He enriched our lives in many ways
I’m glad He’s a part of our lives each day.
This Valentines Day a special wish for you,
Renew your love with His blessings and know
He loves you too.