Heart Felt Poems and Songs Heart Felt Poems and Songs


This collection of poems and songs were given to me over a period of twelve years. The songs were sung by angels and I wrote the words as I heard them. Many times I had to write as fast as I could and try to read my scribble later. One time I heard it while driving down the road and I said the words to the song and my friend Sandy scribbled as fast as she could.

One time I was driving and I heard a song start and I told God that I didn't have time right now. He, within a space of twenty feet, gave me a flat tire and I had an hour waiting for a tow truck to come. Yes, I then had time to write the words down. One time in service an angel was singing with our lead singer and people heard and marveled with us at how beautiful the angel sang.

Heart Felt Poems and Songs

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When He gave me words for the poems I would see the words spelled out in front of me and I wrote as I saw the words. God Hold This Nation was written and I really didn't get the gist of the song until after it was finished and I went back and read over it again. I realized He was talking about abortion babies when he said unborn lambs.

These are warnings if you will hear, and joy for the suffering people and hope for a multitude that will listen to these songs and poems. If you will read you will realize God is alive and is talking to anyone that will listen. He does not judge me as being any better than anyone else. As He talked to me He talks to others, just listen. Your heart will know what is truth, let that truth heal your soul and fill you with the love of God. Thank you for listening to your heart.

Dottie McElreathAbout the Author

As a small child, Dottie McElreath dreamed of a book with words in it that she was writing. She had seen type written words but had not seen a typewriter nor did she know how to read. On waking Dottie couldn’t remember what the subject was, just that it was important to get the book done.

Dottie’s family life was very poor in today’s standard but at that time there were many people that were worse off than they were. Learning to read was her escape from her troubles. Looking back at her life, Dottie knows God was preparing her to teach truth because it was impressed on her at a very early age to always tell the truth. The Bible also states that liars have their place in the lake of fire.

Dottie has lived in Georgia all her life and was born at the base of Pine Mountain in Kennesaw, Georgia. She was born during a severe thunderstorm in an old three room house. There were in total seven children plus parents and grandfather that lived in that house. The mountain was her backyard and she was free to roam the woods. Dottie loves thunderstorms because God sends them to us to display his mighty power. She finds herself sometimes telling Him that the lightning is so beautiful, do it again.

Dottie has three children living, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She feels blessed in that she truly believes that babies are a gift from God. She is content in the love of her family and friends. May God Bless you as you read this book.